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NodeBitsDAO gives participants the passive crypto reward benefits of running Web3 nodes without the complexity or hassle involved with the management of servers and nodes.

NodeBitsDAO is hosted on the Openfund platform running on the DeSo blockchain. Openfund’s fully on-chain social and governance features provides NodeBitsDAO an interactive dao experience unique to the passive crypto rewards space. By pooling resources into the dao, NodeBitsDAO participants are able to realize the benefits of running web3 nodes with a lower barrier to entry than otherwise possible. The NodeBitsDAO Web3 node farm generates a stream of crypto rewards which are used to fund airdrops to NodeBitsDAO participants. As NodeBitsDAO monthly funding goals are reached additional web3 nodes will be added, increasing the pool of available rewards for participants.


Our goal is to provide NodeBits holders with a stream of simplified, diversified, sustainable passive crypto rewards by running a Web3 node farm. NodeBitsDAO aims to offer a best-inclass fractional node service operating with a high degree of transparency, trust, security and community interaction.

Get Involved

Purchase ‘NodeBits’ ($NodeBitsDAO tokens) to participate in the NodeBitsDAO and earn fractional passive rewards from a growing farm of Web3 nodes. Refer users to the platform to earn additional NodeBits.