Fractional node services.

Enter DAO

Experience the passive crypto rewards of running Web3 nodes without the complexity or hassle involved with the management of servers and nodes.

What We Do

NodeBitsDAO operates a Web3 Node Farm providing a stream of crypto reward airdrops to $NodeBitsDAO token holders.

Simple, Diverse, & Sustainable

NodeBitsDAO offers a best-in-class fractional node service operating with a high degree of transparency, trust, security and community interaction.

Community Effort

$NodeBitsDAO token holders can contribute by voting on proposals to determine the next project added to the node farm.

Our Node Farm

22 x Presearch Nodes (61,000 PRE Staked)

4 x Flux Nodes (4,000 FLUX Staked)

4 Kadena Hashing NFTs (3 KH Pro, 1 KH Lite)

2 x GoPlugin Nodes (40,000 PLI Staked)

4 x Streamr Nodes (80,000 DATA Staked)

1 x Gala Music Player Node (7 Gala Music NFTs)

Flare (31,717 FLR Wrapped & Delegated)

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